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Wild Cod Fillet in Tomato Sauce

Wild Cod Fillet in Tomato Sauce

My parents love when we come over. They are always looking for reasons to have us over. Now that we have a child, which happens to be their very first grandchild, they are continuously requesting us to visit. Well, there is no better way to entice us than using food, and boy, does my mom know it! One of my husband’s favorite dishes is the wild cod fillet in tomato sauce! He can never turn it down. The amazing thing about this dish is the ability to make it from a variety of fish. Once, my mom made it with a fish that happened to have some bones in it. Oops! That caught him by surprise! No worries, it never happened again. (I think she was worried we might not come over again as quickly next time)

This dish certainly brings our family together though, even if we have to drive 30 minutes out of the way to eat it. It certainly is worth it. Now, there are two amazing things about this dish that you should know.

First, it’s a great way to introduce fish into your diet, if you haven’t already. But then, why would you be reading this if you are not a“fish person”? Perhaps you are attempting to get a spouse, friend, or child more interested in the fish menus?This is a great place to start because cod fish is one of the mildest fishes you can cook! With the tasty tomato sauce over top, this may become a requested form of some healthy Omega-3 fatty acids!

Secondly, Don’t bother pressing the reheat button on this one! Yes, you understood correctly! This dish can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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