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Braised Beef Goulash

One thing I absolutely love about my dad’s cooking, is how he can take something so simple, and make it amazing! What I mean by that is, its never JUST mashed potatoes or plain rice. There’s always a little something that makes those simple things mouth-watering. This is why I am so excited to share this recipe with you. ¬†This takes those simple meals up to a whole new level. Adding a great sauce to top those simple starches with, can get the whole family asking for seconds. In our case, we are always asking for thirds.

I am sure we have all made that one dish that never quite made it out of the fridge as a left-over meal. It was just not exciting enough, I presume. Adding this braised beef goulash to that dish can eliminate a date with the oh-so-loved garbage disposal!

My dad is notorious for such things. He opens the fridge, 3 minutes later, he’s throwing things in the oven. Before you have time to ask, “What’s for dinner?”, he has a 7 course meal coming right up. Foods that just don’t seem to be appealing on day 2, can be transformed with a little addition of his creations. You can do the same thing! Hope you enjoy it as much as us! Don’t forget to watch our video recipe below!

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