Meet the Cooks!


Victor ProkhnevskiyIt’s easy to be a great cook when you have all the finest ingredients before you. Imagine being a great cook with the same, few ingredients over and over again. Take that for a challenge! That’s exactly what makes Victor amazing at what he does. Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, Victor married and had nine wonderful children. But times in Ukraine were not exactly prosperous and being in the city, the only way food could be obtained was purchased. There was no garden for him to harvest, and good jobs were hard to come by. These experiences can either make you or break you. In Victor’s case, they made him. He only needs a few of the most simple ingredients on the Earth to make a mouth-watering masterpiece. Another fantastic characteristic Victor has about his cooking, is his tendency to never overcook anything. You get the most nutrition when the food is as close to its raw form as possible. That’s what makes his cooking so great and healthy! Being a former boxer, he takes pride in keeping his health and physic in superior shape. Well prepared food will assist significantly in doing just that.

He is all about the quality of his meal. He will take the time to make sure everything is chopped and prepared to offer the most satisfying experience. The flavors and aromas of the vegetables will be in full gear as you take a bite of his delicious dishes!


familyphoto_1Anyone who’s met Nick, always say they’ve never met anyone like him before. This is just as true with his amazing cooking! And you don’t have to look hard to see why that is. Born and raised in Ukraine, Nick traveled the USSR near and far. Driving across Eastern Europe, he was amazed at the variation of people’s lives from one state to another. What his local community ate and did was so different from what he saw in other parts of the Soviet Union. In the midst of sameness, people’s differences still stood strong.

Immigrating to the United States in his thirties, Nick was mesmerized by the food in America. Burgers, fries, soda and apple pie got the best of him. After indulging for years, he realized a balance was an absolute must. Having gained 60 lbs and developing diabetes, he dropped the soda and refocused his mind on eating good food with balance and proper nutrition. He acquired a job being a subcontractor in the trucking industry. Once again, his adventures began, traveling the USA this time! Once more, he was amazed at how one nation can have such subcultural differences in various regions. Food varied from one region to another. This inspired Nick to bring his favorites home, attempting to personalize his meals to be diabetic friendly and delicious!

His creativity is inspired from near and far. Anyone who samples Nick’s meals are sure to have tried a truly unique and mouthwatering masterpiece!