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Super Simple Banana Smoothie

Banana SmoothieThe Story:

We love making smoothies at my house. Actually, it’s not the making part that we enjoy as much as the drinking part!!

My husband has jumped from vegetarian to vegan and back to being an omnivore, so smoothies and juicing have been a very common part of his and my diet for quite some time.

However, THIS Banana smoothie is very special to us. You see, My husband is always associated with smoothies at home. So when my son started going through a phase where he was extremely attached to me, my husband began making smoothies as a way to bond with our son because my son loves smoothies!

Whenever a smoothie request was made, my husband would always make the smoothie with my son, and they would drink the smoothie together. I was not a participant in this process whatsoever because this was to be a father-son moment. Slowly, my son began to associate smoothie time with daddy time, and there it happened. Their special time developer where he would detach himself from me and become daddy’s little boy for 5 minutes. He was involved in the whole smoothie making process and enjoys every second of it.
Banana Smoothie

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Personal Veggie Pizza

When you think of healthy eating, pizza may not pop into your mind. It has received a bad rep over the years. Granted, a few organic pizza shops have opened in my hometown and the push for no preservatives or artificial flavoring has created…

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1-2-3 CREPES!

One of my fondest memories of childhood was the delicious crepes my dad would make us for breakfast. After moving out on my own, I always seemed to struggle with remembering exactly how they were made. I forever looked to various food blogs, recipe books…