Family PhotoWhy we do what we do:

First off, welcome to Creative Family Recipes! One thing I’ve learned as a parent is the selflessness involved in giving up comfort and security for the sake of someone else’s comfort and security. That’s where my husband and I find ourselves, except we are the ones enjoying those pleasures. There was someone who made those sacrifices for us when we were younger. Simply put, We are reaping those benefits. We are fortunate to know who those selfless individuals are. As a matter of fact, we know them very well: Our Parents.

I’m sure what we just described here resonates with many, regardless of what end of the deal you are at.

Here’s our story:
Both of our parents are immigrants. They came to the United States because they where hopeless in their own country. They were persecuted for their faith. There was no certainty in the economy. With a corruption level of two, one being the highest, you can already understand why they made the decisions they made.

They were fortunate enough to come to a great country. A country that opened a multitude of doors for so many! However, immigration isn’t exactly pretty. With no English, no education, and no money, one is left with very little choices as to how one will provide for their family.

That hard work made us very comfortable. We went to great schools, received a great education, and now we have great jobs! Boy, what a gift our parents gave us. Because of their dedication to us, they put their passions and amazing skills on the back burner.

Well, with a little help from me and my husband, we are letting them get back to doing things they enjoy! They sacrificed so much for us, and now it’s our turn to pay it forward. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce CreativeFamilyRecipes.com!

They bring so much to the table, literally. With their amazing background, our families have whipped up some truly unique and delicious meals. We are so thrilled to share these delicious foods with you! Happy cooking! And Bon Apetit. Or as our family would say, Priyatnova Apetita!