The Only Cupcake Recipe You’ll Ever Want


The Only Cupcake Recipe You'll Ever WantCake mix adapted from

I first made these cupcakes for my son’s first birthday party. I almost hesitated making them, thinking if I mess up, then I’d never live it down. My family would remind me of this till the day I die, and then generations after would hear of the horror. If you need to know anything about Ukrainian culture, it’s this: you don’t skimp on dessert. Never, ever. If anything, that’s what you splurge on. That’s what you dedicate your most precious time to. There’s a bit of insanity mixed with OCD in this sweet obsession we Eastern Europeans have. It’s scary for someone who doesn’t bake much, like me!

The Only Cupcake Recipe You'll Ever Want
When I first got married, I had never baked anything that wasn’t in “ready to bake” form, or at least a boxed mixture of something. Being a newlywed and living in the same town as the family (plus now, in-laws) you’re bound to invite people over. With my husband and I coming from huge families, you’re inviting people over all the time! So here I am, inviting folks to events and hosting parties that I must prepare for. So dropping $100 on a cake is normal in our little circle of sweet-tooths. You’ve probably guessed already that this isn’t a grocery store cake. This is a fancy local bakery cake that will be devoured in ten minutes. Finally, I told myself, I need to bake. And I need to bake well! I don’t have to master every dessert type out there, but if I can get good at a couple things, then my life would be easier! So I started baking. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy it. But you know what? I came up with the BEST cupcake & icing combination EVER. I can’t tell you how many folks begged me to make these cupcakes for them. People became infatuated with these cupcakes. Continue Reading


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